Cell Site Hardening

Skyward has a systematic approach to adding generators and/or Microwave backhaul to existing cell sites.


Adding a generator and transfer switch to a


site begins with a logical and well thought out design that the tower company will find agreeable.  We are strategic partners with the tower companies; therefore, we are able to leverage those relationships to get our applications handled quickly and efficiently.  We obtain Building Permits through research prior to filing and persistence while the permit is processing.  Our process for setting the generators and transfer switches is unique.  The fuel type does not matter as we have experience with Diesel, Natural Gas, Propane, or Hydrogen.  The timelines are aggressive and the quality is unequaled.  Finally, the initial startup and commissioning is flawless as our Master Electrician oversees the entire process and troubleshoots any issues that arise.


Skyward also has extensive experience adding and replacing point to point Microwave systems.  Skyward personnel are on the cutting edge of all Microwave technical developments and are continually educating and training our team.  We can handle your Microwave project from the Line of Site Study to Final Testing of the system from one site to an entire network overlay.